How to Be Down to Earth

1 - Relax! Start now, relax your shoulders relax your neck.
2 - Monitor your emotional state. How are you feeling? Are you feeling good or bad? 
3 - Be aware of other people's feelings and how they act and be aware of your surrounding. This takes a lot of practice.
4 - Become good at something, even if its just killing you to try that. Really good. It will give you the security to allow yourself to be calm and open up emotionally to others.
5 - Finally, what's the hurry? If you want to be down to earth because you feel like it will give you some sort of gratification, learning or growth, then you are probably on the right path.
6 - Don't fantasize about your ideal life, or situation. Live in the present moment...not the past or future.
7 - Don't expect the extraordinary--by this I mean...Do not expect to get along with everyone, or everything to go your way
8 - Do not get so caught up in one little thing--Try to see the big picture instead of over-dramatizing about little fights or situations.
9 - When you feel as if your heart is being torn apart, just think about how you're gonna feel about it when you're 60... You're probably not going to even care, why hurt yourself now if you don't have to at all?
10 - Slow down, think before you speak.. and never rush. Just slow down, and go with the flow.

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